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Water Turbine Site Assesment

Typical Hydro Plant Layout:

Hydro Plant Layout

If water flows from point A down to point B along any path by any means - along the riverbed or an open canal or through a pipe - it loses energy at a rate equal to:

P=9.8 Eo Q Hg

P = Power lost by the water in Kilowatts
Eo = Overall System Efficiency
Q = Flow (meters3/sec) rate of which the water descends from A to B
Hg = Gross Head (meters) elevation from A to B

Power from a water turbine is principally from the elevation change and water flow rate. To determine the suitability of a site for hydro power, the gross head or elevation and water flow rate must be established. Data on the flow rate optimally must be for several years due to climatical changes. The following is an excellent resource for practical and cost effective methods of implementing hydro power.

Micro-Hydropower Sourcebook : A Practical Guide to Design and Implementation in Developing Countries Allen R. Inversin (Author)


Author: William D. Wright, PE
NABCEP - Certified PV Installer


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