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Haywood EMC is here to provide affordable, reliable, safe services and open communications. Our office is located in Waynesville, with a district office in Lake Toxaway, North Carolina.






























How to Read Your Bill

Preview of a bill and description on how to read it
  1. Billing Summary - This area will show your activity since your last billing and the balance forward if any.
  2. Current Charges - This area will show a detailed listing of charges for this bill.
  3. Graph - Up to 13 months of history will be compared. The average kwh per day and the average cost per day for the current month print here. The average kwh for this bill last year is shown to help you monitor your electrical use.
  4. Message Area - Any special messages from Haywood EMC will print in this area.
  5. Total Current Charges and the date this amount is due will be found here. The total amount due is on the next line. If there were past due charges they would print between current charge due and total amount due and would include the disconnect date.
  6. Your account number prints in two places on the bill.
  7. Service location is the actual physical location of the service and is usually the 911 assigned address for the location of the service. If this is blank or incorrect on your bill, please call our office and provide the correct information.
  8. Account description - Identifies what is served. Examples are house, pump, barn, store, etc.
  9. WPCA - This is the factor that is used to calculate the charge on your bill identified as WHLSE PWR ADJ. Kwh use is multiplied by this factor which changes monthly. In the example 1503 kwh X -.00338 = -5.08. This can be a credit or a debit on your bill depending on the factor for that month.
  10. Rate - This is the rate schedule you are billed on.
  11. This line contains dates of service, number of days in this billing period, previous and present meter readings, and the number of kwh you are billed for.
  12. Delinquent Accounts - If you have a past due balance a "CUTOFF NOTICE" will print in 2 places on the bill. This notice will give the date that the past due balance must be paid to avoid disconnection of service.
  13. Contact information for Haywood EMC offices.
  14. Please be sure to check the back of the bill for important information regarding office hours, payment options, cutoff notices, who to call before you dig, power outages and website information.



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