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Importance of energy conservation when considering implementing a renewable energy source:

Haywood EMC believes energy conservation is the proactive effort to reduce energy consumption through the more efficient use of energy. Beyond the altruistic motives of energy conservation such as conserving the limited resources on earth and impacting the environment, energy conservation is also an economic decision. The easiest thing to do is to reduce your consumption. While energy conservation is not a revenue source, one can certainly expect to experience savings because of the reduction in energy use. However, if a revenue source is what you want, selling renewable energy back to the electrical grid may be something you want to pursue. Thus, the decision to reduce energy consumption through energy efficiency reduces your need for generation and lowers cost. Likewise, renewable energy reduces your dependence on non-renewables and may also be a prudent economic decision.

Average Residential Energy Consumption:

HVAC - 50%
Water Heater - 20%
Lighting and small appliances - 10%
Refrigerator - 8%
Other - 5%
Ovens and Stoves - 4%
Clothes Dryer - 3%

See attached list of possible energy conservation techniques and methods:

Use compact fluorescent light bulbs
Use LED bulbs for even greater economic savings and life span
Install a programmable thermostat on the HVAC system
Keep air filters clean on the HVAC system
Reduce the temperature of Water Heater to 120 degrees F
Install a Water Heater Tank insulated jacket
Install a water saver shower head
Install a programmable timer on the Water Heater (reduce ON time)
Purchase Energy Efficient appliances
Insulate ceilings, walls, and floors
Wash clothes in cold water and only when there is a full load
When possible air dry clothes on a laundry line

Talk with your Haywood EMC representative about energy conservation initiatives and promotions

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Author: William D. Wright, PE
NABCEP - Certified PV Installer


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