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Contracts with Haywood EMC

The incentives for installing a renewable energy source changes and their are deadlines for installation and commissioning that must be considered. Reference the following Website to see what incentives there may be within North Carolina.

Data base of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency

Along with the incentives listed in the above Website, selling energy to Haywood EMC and North Carolina Green Power has financial implications. Reference the following web site to see what NC Green Power will pay.

Check with Haywood EMC on the most recent rates for “Avoided Energy Cost” (Renewable Energy Purchases), as well as the residential cost of energy which is dependent on your purchase agreement with the electric cooperative.

Careful calculation of the costs versus benefit on the investment needs to be considered because of constant changes to the NC Green Power reimbursement, Haywood EMC rates as well as installation costs.


How do I proceed to obtain permission to interconnect with Haywood EMC?

Select an electrical contractor:
         Licensed in NC
         Familiar with section 690 of the National Electrical Code
         Certified with NABCEP or equivalent organization
Submit an INTERCONNECT application to Haywood EMC.
Electrical Contractor obtains electrical permit from the city or county

Owner obtains structural engineering acceptance for roof structure as required by the city or county

Owner will submit application to NC Green Power for renewable energy credits and selling contract.
Electrical Contractor contacts Haywood EMC Customer Service Rep for scheduling an appointment with an HEMC Staking Agent to determine meter location prior to work commencement along with work timeline.
Electrical Contractor completes the installation including the solar panels and balance of system components including the meter base

The city or county performs the final inspection.

The electrical contractor completes the Certificate of Completion including the inspector’s signature and submits it to Haywood EMC. See attachment

After receiving the Certificate of Completion, Haywood EMC will schedule the utility connection to the meter base.

Haywood EMC and the electrical contractor will schedule system startup and meter activation for safety testing.

Owner is responsible for the operation, maintenance and repairs of the PV system for safe interconnection with Haywood EMC.


Author: William D. Wright, PE
NABCEP - Certified PV Installer


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