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Haywood EMC is here to provide affordable, reliable, safe services and open communications. Our office is located in Waynesville, with a district office in Lake Toxaway, North Carolina.






























Board of Directors

                                Board of Directors Photo
Haywood EMC - Board of Directors
District Number 1 - Bethel, Edwards Cove, Hidden Valley, Cathey Cove to the gap of mountain (High Cliff Dr.), Pigeon Gap Road on Hwy. 276 south to Blue Ridge Parkway, Peters Cove, Sunny Drive, Hwy. 215 to Stamey Cove, the west side of NC-110 to Murray Road and Hwy. 215/Lake Logan Road to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Including surrounding communities.
Lucas Sorrells Board Member Photo
Mr. Lucas Sorrells
342 Indian Hills Loop
Waynesville, NC 28786
(828) 734-4099 (Cell)
(828) 235-2004 (Home)

Lucas is a native of Haywood County and a lifelong resident in the Bethel Community. Lucas and his wife Kelly Thomason Sorrells have three children, Isabella, Emma, and Brock. He is the son of Steve and Phyllis Sorrells, of Bethel. Lucas graduated from Pisgah High School in 1996. He attended North Carolina State University from 1996 to 1999. In 1999, he began working for Bellsouth as an Installation and Repair Technician. He worked as a technician for 5 years in Haywood and Buncombe County. In 2004, he accepted a management position with Bellsouth, which later became AT&T. He was a Network Manager over a Special Services Installation and Repair crew. His crew covered Haywood, Buncombe, Henderson, and some of Polk County. He held that position for three years. In the fall of 2007, he resigned from AT&T and began working for his current employer, Jerue Truck brokers, of Clyde. He is an active member of Riverside Baptist Church and a member of the Bethel Rural Community Organization.

District Number 2 - North of US 64 from Brevard to the Haywood County line and US 64 to the interection of NC 281/Lower White Water Road then northwest to the Jackson County line including the communities of Cold Mountain, Lake Toxaway Country Club, Balsam Grove, Bear Lake, Caney Fork, Charlie's Creek, Cradle of Forestry, Davidson River, Quebec, Silversteen, Tuckasegee, Cherryfield. Including surrounding communities.

James Boyette Board Member Photo









Mr. James P. Boyette
2767 Tanasee Gap Road
Balsam Grove, NC 28708
(828) 884-6316 (Home)

James P. Boyette and Alice have two children, 4 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. Jim served twenty-four years with the City of Tampa Fire Department in Florida, retiring in October of 1976 with the rank of captain.  During his time in rescue he helped to expand from one mobile rescue unit to six rescue units and one heavy-duty rescue unit.  As station captain, he was responsible for the day-to-day training of his personnel in safety, rescue practices, and firefighting tactics and techniques.  While with the Tampa Fire Department, Jim attended personnel and management courses at the Hillsborough County College.  He was very active with the Tampa Red Cross, volunteering many hours teaching First Aid and Water Safety.  He also trained First Aid graduates to become First Aid instructors.  Jim also served for twenty-eight months as chief of the Brandon Fire Department.  Brandon is a community just east of Tampa, with a population then of over twenty thousand.  Jim has owned and operated his own business, Boyette’s Tractor and Mowing Service, Inc., a heavy mowing, land clearing, construction-site preparation and landscaping business.  He owned and is familiar with the operation of heavy equipment, such as front loaders, bulldozers, dump trucks and tractors.  He is a licensed pilot, holding a private and commercial license with instrument rating in single and multi engine aircraft and taught Aviation Ground School for the Blue Ridge Community College.  He has 25 years of experiance as a flight instructor.  He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Balsam Grove Fire Department. 

District Number 3 - Beaverdam, Chambers Mountain, Crabtree, Hyder Mountain, Medford Farm, Midway, Newfound, Ratcliff Cove, Stamey Cove, Thickety, east side of Hwy. 209 at the intersection of Hwy. 209 and I-40. North on Hwy. 209 to Upper Crabtree Road to include all of Upper Crabtree. Including surrounding communities.

Roy Stamey Board Member Photo









Vice President
Mr. Roy Stamey
131 Pisgah Drive
Canton, NC 28716
(828) 648-1703 (Home)
(828) 246-3347 (Cellular)

Haywood EMC is a member of the North Carolina Association of Electric Cooperatives. I have served on many statewide committees over the years, and one thing I've learned is that from Waynesville to Raleigh to Buxton and back -- for electric cooperatives it all comes down to providing the best service at the lowest possible price.
Our members say that they are very satisfied with the service we provide. More satisfied even than customers of the big investor-owned utilities. We're proud of that, and we don't take it for granted. We appreciate our members' trust in us.
District Number 4 - Beantown, Black Camp Gap, Cherokee, Fie Top, Heaths Peak, Hemphill, Jonathan Creek, Maggie Valley, Sheepback, Shelton Cove, Soco, Sutton Town, Utah Mountain, south side of Hwy. 209 at the intersection of Hwy. 209 and I-40. The southwest side of Iron Duff Road to Coleman Mountain to Hwy. 276 Jonathan Creek and south of wind tunnel to Heaths Peak. Including surrounding communities.

Larry Clark Board Member Photo










Mr. Larry Clark
330 Flat Rock Gap Road
Waynesville, NC 28786
(828) 627-8064 (Home)
(828) 452-4500 (Business)
(828) 452-3411 (Business Fax)
(828) 627-9708 (Home Fax)
(828) 421-4515 (Cellular)

Your board of directors are members just like you. We want what you want--- affordable energy bills and the comfort of knowing that lights will turn on when you flip a switch. We work throughout the year to invest in our electric system to keep power reliable. We focus on educating members how to use energy efficiently. We talk to you in the grocery store, on the street and public gatherings, listening to your concerns and ideas. We value the trust and confidence you have placed in us to protect your best interest in all decisions we make. The goal and responsibility of your board of directors, staff and employees is providing each of its members with safe, reliable electric service at affordable cost. Today, with constant changes in technology as well as in federal and state regulations, we must remain focused on our goal with a much keener sense of awareness and responsibility.  The staff and employees are constantly exploring and evaluating better ways to serve our members while continuing to keep our cost as low as possible. The board is continually looking at changes in regulations and the impact of those changes on our business while assuring that prudent financial and organizational management remains intact.  We are fortunate at HEMC to have an extremely dedicated group of employees and staff, each well trained and always working diligently and efficiently to maintain our system while keeping the power flowing uninterrupted to you.  As your representative on the board of directors, your best interest will always be the driving factor and primary consideration in all of my actions and decisions. I appreciate the trust and confidence you have shown by allowing me to serve as your director.      

District Number 5 - Betsy’s Gap, Crawford Road, Fines Creek, Hepco Road, Iron Duff, Max Patch, Panther Creek, Riverside, Rush Fork, Silvers Cove, White Oak, Cove Creek. Northwest side of Hwy. 209 from Upper Crabtree Road to intersection of Hwy. 209 and I-40.  North side of Coleman Mountain Road to Hwy. 276 Jonathan Creek.  North of wind tunnel at Bob Boyd Road, Sutton Town, Cove Creek, to the Tennessee state line.  Including surrounding communities.

David Noland Board Member Photo

Mr. David Noland
2471 Fines Creek Road
Clyde, NC 28721
(828) 627-1561 (Home)
(828) 627-6394 (Fax)
(828) 507-1991 (Cellular)


About 92 percent of the co-op's revenue comes from residential customers. When our members tell us they need something, we listen. Our surge suppression and back-up generator programs came as we tried to respond to what the members wanted. I like that the co-op communicates and listens to what our members say they need. I'm a retired dairy farmer, so I also know how important reliable, modern electric service is to a farm or business. I represent the members in my district, but I keep an eye out for our farmers system wide, too. Everybody is equal in a cooperative, and no member is more important than another.
District Number 6 - Buncombe County area.

Kenneth Israel Board Member Photo









Dr. Kenneth Israel
358 Bailey Road
Candler, NC 28715
(828) 667-0065 (Home)

There's no better way to support our communities than by supporting our children and their schools. Haywood EMC sponsors students on camps and educational trips. Each year the big trip is the Youth Tour, a week in Washington, D.C.
I think our greatest contribution lies in the Bright Ideas Grant Program. Each year, Bright Ideas grants of up to $2,000 are awarded to public school teachers with innovative teaching ideas. Since 1994, that adds up to over 4.5 million dollars donated to schools in North Carolina by electric co-ops. I'm a retired school teacher myself, and I know that when a good teacher gets the right tools to do the job, the students really benefit.
District Number 7 - South of U.S. 64 from Brevard to the South Carolina State line and U.S. 64 to the intersection of NC 281/Lower White Water Road then northwest to the Jackson County line and points west and south including the South Carolina State Fish Hatchery and the communities of Bull Pen, Hog Back Mountain, Horse Cove, Sapphire Lakes, Connestee Falls, East Fork, Flat Creek, Frozen Creek, Indian Camp, Lyons Mountain Road, Middle Fork, Nancy Mountain, Old Toxaway, Rosman, Walnut Hollow.  Including surrounding communities.

Steve Foster Board Member Photo










Mr. Steve Foster
1858 Bull Pen Road
Cashiers, NC 28717
(828) 734-3771

Steve Foster, a life long son of North Carolina, is the President and part-owner of Foster’s Land Surveying and has served the members of HEMC  with integrity, innovation, accountability, and commitment to community. These are Haywood EMC’s four core values that really do capture how your cooperative does business everyday and Steve Foster is committed to them.

Steve and his bride, Carol, have three children.  He is a member of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. He also enjoys being an active member of the Son's of Confederate Veterans and Blue Ridge Masonic Lodge.

“What I have learned from my service on the board is that the cooperative’s values are real, not just an empty slogan.  I don’t know of too many big businesses that operate this way anymore.”

“As a board member, I see my primary responsibilities to remain focused, informed, and to apply my best efforts on your behalf to see your cooperative is run as efficiently as possible.  You can be confident I will continue to serve you with the utmost integrity while looking out for the best interest of both, you the member and your cooperative as a whole.”

District Number 8 - Cashiers, Hwy. 107 south to Silver Run Road and points west.  Buck Knob Road, Blue Valley, Clear Creek, Dillard Road, Hale Ridge, Highlands, Middle Creek, Otto, Pine Mountain, Satolah, Scaly Mountain, Sky Valley, South Tryphosa, Tessentee, Turtle Pond, Walking Stick, Wade Hampton Country Club, Whiteside Cove, Chatooga Country Club.  Including surrounding communities.


Clay Talley Board Member Photo









Mr. Clay Talley
25 Chestnut Mountain Road
Scaly Mountain, NC 28775
(828) 526-4506 (Home)
(828) 421-7248 (Cell)


Clay Talley represents the 8th district which includes the community of Scaly Mountain, where he and his wife reside. Clay enjoys gardening and hunting. He and his wife attend the Scaly Mountain Church of God where he serves as an elder. 

Clay has over 32 years of experience as an electrical utility worker. After having worked for both an investor owned utility and a municipal utility, Clay can truly appreciate the values of a cooperative system. He says, “I count it a privilege to serve my community by effectively representing them on the HEMC board.” His chief goal is to ensure reliable service while keeping rates affordable for all members of the co-op.



Haywood EMC Executive Vice President & CEO











Mr. Tom Batchelor
376 Grindstone Road
Waynesville, NC 28785


Mr. Batchelor brings over 23 years of cooperative knowledge and experience to this position. He began in the electrical utility business in 1982 after graduating from NC State University with the City of Monroe and has since worked for two other cooperatives and an electrical consulting firm before coming to HEMC in 1999 as Assistant General Manager/Manager of Operations and Engineering. He is a registered Professional Engineer in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Batchelor is married to his wife Robin with three grown children and 2 grandchildren.




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