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RGR Rate


Waynesville, North Carolina

Lake Toxaway, North Carolina





Rider RGR (Single-phase)



Available only to members located in the Cooperative’s service territory who have Renewable Generation interconnected directly with the Cooperative’s system with a capacity of 25 kW or less and contract with the Cooperative to sell excess generated capacity and energy to the Cooperative.  Renewable Generation, or Renewable Energy Resource, shall be as defined as adopted by NC G.S. 62-133.8(a) (8).


This schedule is available to members receiving service in all territory served by the Cooperative subject to the rules, regulations, and bylaws of the Cooperative.  Service necessary for the delivery of the member’s power into the Cooperative’s system under this Rider shall be furnished solely to the individual contracting member in a single enterprise, located entirely on a single, contiguous premise.  Service hereunder shall be restricted to the capacity of the member’s generating facilities which may be operated in parallel with the Cooperative’s system. 


The obligations of the Cooperative regarding service under this Rider are dependent upon its securing and retaining all necessary rights-of-way, privileges, franchises, and permits for such service.  The Cooperative shall not be liable to any member or applicant for power in the event it is delayed in or is prevented from purchasing power by its failure to secure and retain such rights-of-way, rights, privileges, franchises, and permits.  The Cooperative also reserves the right to review and determine on a case by case basis whether it has the need and system capacity to absorb the amount of proposed generation on the Cooperatives distribution system due to size and/or location.



This schedule is applicable to consumers taking service under Rate Schedule 10 and having a source of renewable generation.  All provisions of these schedules are still applicable.



The type of service available under this Rider is single-phase 3 wires, 60 Hz alternating current, at one of the Cooperative’s standard secondary voltages.  The member shall be billed or credited by utilizing the required metering on the member’s property.  The metering installed shall measure the energy used by the member from the Cooperative at the appropriate rate and also measure the energy purchased by the Cooperative under this rate.




Rider RGR

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Basic Facilities Charge:

      Single-phase                                                                       $ 5.25 per month


Energy Credits:

      All kWhs sold                                                                       4.40 ¢ per kWh



The minimum monthly charge shall be the appropriate Basic Facilities Charge.



The member shall be responsible for providing suitable control and protective devices on their equipment to assure no disturbance to other members of the Cooperative or to the Cooperative itself, and to protect the member’s facilities from all loss or damage which could result from operation with the Cooperative’s system.  All interconnection equipment, including control and protective devices, must meet or exceed the National Electric Code (NEC), National Electric Safety Code (NESC), and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Standards.


All such distribution, service, and interconnection related facilities shall be subject to a monthly Interconnection Facilities Charge.  The monthly Interconnection Facilities Charge shall be the greater of the:


  1. Facilities Charge stated above, or
  2. The minimum specified in the contract for service.


The Cooperative reserves the right to install facilities necessary for the appropriate measurement of service under this Rider and to adjust the Interconnection Facilities Charge accordingly, solely at the option of the Cooperative.



This Rider is only applicable for qualifying facilities that comply with the Cooperative’s interconnection requirements, along with any IEEE, NESC, and NEC standards related to interconnecting to public utilities.  To ensure protection of the Company’s system, the Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to inspect the member’s generator at any time upon reasonable notice to the member to ensure compliance with the Interconnection Standards.  The Cooperative reserves the right to disconnect electric service to any premises if the Cooperative determines that the Renewable Generator is operating in parallel with the Cooperative’s system and does not comply with the Interconnection Standards.


The member shall be responsible for providing suitable control and protective devices on its equipment to assure no disturbance to other members of the Cooperative, or to the Cooperative itself, and to protect the member’s facilities and the Cooperative’s facilities from all loss or damage that could result from operation in parallel with the Cooperative’s system.

Rider RGR

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The member shall obtain and retain, for as long as the member’s generator is interconnected with the Cooperative’s system, comprehensive general liability insurance that protects the member from claims for bodily injury and/or property damage.  The minimum coverage shall be at a standard homeowner’s insurance policy with liability coverage of at least $100,000 per occurrence.  This insurance shall be primary for all purposes and the Cooperative shall be made an additional insured on the policy.  The member shall provide certificates evidencing this coverage as required by the Cooperative.  The Cooperative reserves the right to refuse to establish or continue the interconnection of the member’s generator with the Cooperative’s system, if such insurance is not in effect.




1.   This rate is applicable to any member that has a source of renewable generation designated as new capacity that will provide under contract no more than a total of 25 kW of capacity.


  1. The member shall own and be fully responsible for the costs and performance of the Generating facility in accordance with all applicable laws and governmental agencies have jurisdiction.
  2. The member shall own and be fully responsible for the costs and performance of the Generating facility in accordance with control and protective devices as required by the Cooperative on the member’s side of the meter.


Bills under this schedule are due and payable on the due date of the bill during regular working hours.  Under this schedule, a credit shall be shown for energy purchased by the Cooperative along with the basic facilities charge.



Any applicable state and local sales taxes shall be added to all services billed under this schedule.









Adopted:  December 13, 2017

Effective for All Bills Rendered On or After April 1, 2018



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