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Project HEMC

The Opportunity For Members To


"Help Each Member Cope"


Haywood Electric Membership Corporation implemented a community service program designed to assist families or individuals experiencing hardships paying energy costs brought about by extreme weather conditions, decrease in household income, or who are experiencing unusual and/or unexpected crises beyond their control. This new program is called “Helping Each Member Cope,” (Project HEMC).

Members will be able to contribute to project HEMC by allowing their monthly electric bills to be rounded up to the next highest even dollar. For example, if your month’s bill is $86.81 then your bill would be rounded up to $87.00 with $ .19 being contributed to project HEMC. It has been estimated that a member would contribute an average of $ .50 per month or $6.00 per year.

The high cost of heating fuel is a major concern for all of us, but more so for our neighbors in need. By contributing to project “Helping Each Member Cope,” you can help provide them with an emergency supply of whatever heating fuel they use (gas, oil, electricity, or wood).

The funds will be turned over to the Department of Social Services. They follow strict guidelines in establishing eligibility for needy members in the Haywood EMC service area. A check will be written to the fuel or energy provider.

The cooperative began rounding up electric bills on September 1, 2006. If you want to participate in the “Helping Each Member Cope” program, do nothing. Your electric bills will be automatically rounded up to the next highest even dollar, with the added cents going directly to the Department of Social Services to help your neighbors in need.

However, if you do not wish to participate or if you have several accounts and only wish to participate in one account, please call us at 828-452-2281 or 800-951-6088 or email this information to:


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