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NC GreenPower

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Formed in 2003, NC GreenPower is an independent nonprofit improving the quality of our state’s environment through a program that connects consumers with green energy and carbon offset providers. Donations are used to subsidize the additional costs of new and innovative projects. Supporting alternative projects, such as wind power and animal waste methane capture, initially cost more upfront than energy generation from traditional resources. When you donate to NC GreenPower, you are helping to support these cleaner, greener facilities. And while green power may not be going to the individual contributor’s home, renewable energy projects add their electrons to North Carolina’s power supply for the benefit of all North Carolinians. Carbon offset projects also provide a cleaner atmosphere for surrounding areas.

NC GreenPower is supported entirely by voluntary contributions from citizens and businesses across the state. Contributions to renewable energy and carbon offsets can be given to NC GreenPower through your utility bill as a separate line item. We then pass contributions in their entirety to NC GreenPower. By offering anyone the ability to support a cleaner future for North Carolina for as little as $4 a month, we bridge the gap between those who are unable to develop their own projects with those who need additional financial support through this incentive program.


Renewable energy funds are used to pay approved generators across the state for each kilowatt hour of green energy they produce and put onto the electric grid from their project. Carbon offset contributions are used to pay carbon mitigation projects for every pound of greenhouse gas that is destroyed from their project. Funds support local projects and help create N.C. jobs.

How does the program work? Participation is completely voluntary, and you can opt to donate on your electric bill.

Renewable Energy

  • For each $4 Renewable Energy block subsidized by a customer, NC GreenPower pays a premium to a generator producing green power from renewable sources like the sun, wind, and organic matter.

  • For every $4 donated, 50 kilowatt hours (kWh) of renewable energy is supplied to the electric grid in North Carolina, rather than from traditional sources.

  • Over the course of a year, that monthly $4 donation will support 600 kWh of green power – that’s two weeks worth of traditional residential power usage put back on the grid from renewable resources.And it’s the environmental equivalent of planting 96 trees!

Carbon Offsets

  • For each $4 Carbon Offset block subsidized by a customer, NC GreenPower pays a premium to a project owner or developer in the NC/SC/VA regional area that is mitigating greenhouse gases through a project such as: methane gas capture from animal waste or a landfill; reforestation or avoiding deforestation.

  • For every $4 donated, 500 pounds of carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide equivalent emissions are mitigated.

  • Over the course of a year, that monthly $4 donation will offset 6,000 lbs. of greenhouse gases – that’s the approximate emissions of the average car traveling 7,500 miles! And it’s the environmental equivalent of planting 462 trees!

About your contribution

  • NC GreenPower contributions will be itemized on the customer's monthly statement and appear as an additional charge on their regular electric bill.
  • NC GreenPower contributions are collected on your behalf and passed in their entirety to the nonprofit. We do not keep any of the money.
  • Donations to the 501(c)(3) charity are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

Customers who would prefer to make a one-time contribution to NC GreenPower - instead of monthly contributions - should send it to NC GreenPower, 909 Capability Drive, Suite 2100, Raleigh, NC 27606 or make a payment online:

How else can I support NC GreenPower?

  • Sign up for their monthly electronic newsletter – It’s a great way to keep up with the program on a regular basis and connect with their social media audience.

  • Schedule a presentation by the Speakers Bureau – These free presentations are available to any group and will provide insight into how the program works.

  • Give the gift of NC GreenPower – NC GreenPower gift cards are available on their website. When you give to NC GreenPower on behalf of someone else, your recipient will be informed of your renewable energy or carbon offset contribution, and the environmental benefits that your gift has provided them.

  • Green up your next event – Through a tax-deductible contribution to NC GreenPower Event Offsets, you can help to minimize the environmental impact of electricity usage, travel and food emissions.

  • Sign up to be a volunteer, join their social networks on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and follow their Blog.

Corporate Connections Program

  • NC GreenPower offers many ways for businesses to participate in the Corporate Connections Program::

    • LEED purchases – NC GreenPower renewable energy generation was accepted by the US Green Building Council in 2008 as a source that  qualifies for renewable energy LEED points – a true “buy local” option for N.C.

    • Employee Awareness Drive – NC GreenPower can schedule a free presentation for your employees to learn more about our program and consider making a donation on their power bills.

    • Employee Matching Campaign – For employers who match donations, employees can donate through payroll deduction and your company then can pass along your donation, as well as their matching donation, directly to NC GreenPower.

  • Corporate Sponsorship - If an organization decides to enter into a corporate sponsorship with NC GreenPower, we will work with each one to best leverage those marketing benefits that suit their needs, including an Employee Awareness Drive and listing on our website.

  • We invite any North Carolina business to help us protect the environment while increasing our supply of renewable energy. Large-volume users may contribute a minimum of $250 per month toward renewable energy at the lower rate of $2.50 per block. Carbon offsets are available for $4 per block. Small to mid-size businesses can also contribute at $4 per block of renewable energy or carbon offsets. Simply contact your electric utility representative to sign up.   For more information, call 1-866-533-NCGP (6247) or email us:





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