Heat Pumps
If you've been wanting to purchase and install a high-efficiency heat pump system, that when properly installed is the most economical way to heat your home, then our low interest loan program may be just what you need.
The effectiveness of any heating/cooling system depends on proper installation. Haywood EMC provides our members with a list of licensed HVAC contractors.

heat pump

Facts about today's heat pumps

  • Replacing your old heat pump with a new high efficient heat pump can reduce energy bills by 30% to 40%.
  • Today's high efficiency heat pump is the best choice for new construction.
  • Heat pumps promote better indoor air quality.
  • Heat pumps are more reliable and require less maintenance than propane systems.
  • Heat pumps deliver warm, even air temperatures during winter with heating outputs comparable to high efficiency gas systems.
  • New heat pumps have a more stable operating cost than propane furnaces.
  • Heat pump systems increase property values.
  • For every dollar spent on electricty, heat pumps can deliver $2 to $4 worth of heat.
  • Heat pumps operate more quietly than high efficiency gas furnaces.
  • Heat pump owners pay less sales tax than propane system owners.
  • A heat pump home can be made more airtight than a gas home.
  • Heat pumps promote better health and safety.
  • Some heat pump systems provide hot water at virtually no cost while in the air conditioning mode .




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